The Mountain (lyrics)

The Mountain (lyrics)
sung to Aberystwyth by Joseph Parry or Hollingside by John Bacchus Dykes (tunes for Jesus, lover of my soul)
Transfiguration; Matthew 17: 1-9
Climb this mountain path with me,
lest I slip or lose my way.
Show me vistas we can see
when we’ve scaled the heights and pray.
As I watch, my mind grows still,
so I see by inner sight –
not my dreams or restless will –
but you, bathed in radiant light.

Timeless wisdom greets the wise,
those who spoke out for the One;
cloud of glory sails the skies,
voice of God tells love of Son.
How to keep this vision clear?
I would grasp it, hold it fast.
Revelation has come near;
closed in stone, will knowing last?

Overwhelmed am I with fear,
falling to the bruising ground.
Seems I may not linger here
with that light of love around.
I must face a dark descent,
silent, dazed, inside my head.
Glory briefly came and went -
showed him risen from the dead?
	Barbara Messner 16/02/2023

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