The Mountain (lyrics)

The Mountain (lyrics) sung to Aberystwyth by Joseph Parry or Hollingside by John Bacchus Dykes (tunes for Jesus, lover of my soul) Transfiguration; Matthew 17: 1-9 Climb this mountain path with me, lest I slip or lose my way. Show me vistas we can see when we’ve scaled the heights and pray. As I watch,Continue reading “The Mountain (lyrics)”

Healing the Blind

Healing the Blind Mark 10:46-52, Pentecost 22 Look round and in for signs of loss of sight unrecognized by those left in the dark, maybe because they think they’re always right. Their inner blindness leaves no outer mark. They cannot see how racial hatred harms, or what life might be like for refugees. Their mindsContinue reading “Healing the Blind”