Many Dwelling Places

Many Dwelling Places
Easter 5; John 14:1-14
Creator of diversity,
you value all that’s odd and wild;
at home in vast infinity,
you house creation as your child.
Your home has multitudes of rooms
with space most generously to spare
for different ways to be expressed,
and guests to be unique yet share.

Your home is open when I knock:
the fires are burning, beds are made.
The brightness draws me to the door;
inside I find the table laid.
Can I who long for inner space
that seems to shrink at every turn
find room for you, unbounded God?
You give me space, let me discern.

You wait with wounded arms stretched wide
until I see that home is you,
and you can be at home in me
when I know life can be made new,
and see that truth takes many forms
to be at home to different eyes.
Walk through my walls and eat with me,
so I give room to love’s surprise.
    Barbara Messner May 2020

3 thoughts on “Many Dwelling Places

  1. Hello! I’m Slo and I’m 15 and I’m establishing a personal religion/spirituality for myself (for myself only-I do not want to convert people) and I have been influenced by your religion very much. I want to become a priest of my religion and I need someone to ordain me. I was wondering if you could ordain me as a priest of my religion (not as a priest of your faith) by saying a blessing for me in a comment here. It would be an honor if you did as we worship the same God.


  2. Dear Slo, I’m glad that you are searching for religion/spirituality that is right for you, and that you feel that something I have written is influencing your search. I hope that you will be led to find a community of people whose faith and open mindedness you can respect and where you will feel welcome. In my tradition, ordination is only done by a bishop after a long education and selection process established by the community of faith, and being a priest is about serving that community in worship and care of others.
    Although I can’t ordain you, here is a blessing for you: Loving God, bless Slo, and give her a sense of your presence guiding her to find a spiritual way that is right for her. Enable her to find others who will share with her their experience of your love and guidance in their lives, and where she can worship in the joy of those who gather together in praise and thanksgiving for all you mean to them. Amen.

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