Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock

Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock Pentecost 9; Luke 12:32-40 Little flocks in our churches are dwindling. Can we hear his words: “Don’t be afraid!”? Is God’s Kingdom in need of rekindling, or is Church a possession we’ve made? If we’re asked what it is that we treasure, is it prayer books and organs andContinue reading “Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock”

Beware Greed

Beware Greed Pentecost 8; Luke 12:13-21 See, are not our nations like the rich man, greedy to possess the earth’s abundance, eager to build bigger and own more than anyone could need, ignoring conscience? White men came, built fences round this country, hounded, killed, abused First Nations’ peoples, trampled on millenia of their story. ForestsContinue reading “Beware Greed”

Stones or Bread

Stones or Bread Pentecost 7; Luke 11:1-13 Who gives their child a stone instead of bread? Who leaves the living land denuded, dead? We give good gifts to nurture family; Earth too is our responsibility. God gives the Holy Spirit, if we ask, to stir our will for each redemptive task. Let’s knock and walkContinue reading “Stones or Bread”

Martha Revisited

Martha Revisited Pentecost 6; Luke 10:38-42 Her resentfulness soon surfaced when once more she’s left alone with a meal to be provided. She must make the task her own since no helping hands are offered. She drags out a hefty pot; they’ll have needs and expectations, whether verbalized or not. They have gathered in theContinue reading “Martha Revisited”

The Lawyer’s Test

The Lawyer’s Test Pentecost 5; Luke 10:25-28 A lawyer came to test this man, but found his plan exposed, the test turned round. He’d thought to strip away a fake’s disguise, but truth shone clear in Jesus’ eyes. The lawyer claimed eternal life was sought, but what he found could not be taught. When JesusContinue reading “The Lawyer’s Test”

The Ordained

The Ordained Pentecost 4; Luke 10:1-12, 17-24, Luke 9:1-6; Mark 6:30-52 In Luke’s gospel, chapter 9, 12 were sent out – 12 he had ordained, we might say – New Creation version of the 12 tribes. They brought good news and healing, but they got back exhausted, grieving the execution of the Baptist. They couldContinue reading “The Ordained”

Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation

Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation The longest night has passed. I can expect light sooner as each stretch of dark goes by. I creep from isolation to the deck, watch foam-white clouds ride currents in the sky. Seen through the carded white, the blue’s immense; my walls await but here let spirit stretch, and faceContinue reading “Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation”

Somewhere Beside the Road

Somewhere Beside the Road (lyrics) Pentecost 3; Luke 9:57-62 1.Somewhere beside the road someone was moved to say: “I want to follow you! Near you, I know the way.” “Birds of the air have nests, and foxes have holes,” he said, “but home among humankind, where can I lay my head?” 2. No room forContinue reading “Somewhere Beside the Road”


Ceasefire Pentecost 3; Luke 9:51-62 He had no truck with hatred’s tit-for-tat. His face was set towards Jerusalem: Samaritans rejected him for that. The brothers wanted fire called down on them. They’d answer coldness with destructive heat, but he rebuked them, simply went elsewhere, no honour lost, no shame for humble feet. Forget reprisals, hisContinue reading “Ceasefire”

In the Land Opposite Galilee

In the Land Opposite Galilee Pentecost 2; Luke 8: 26-39 He’d break his bonds and flee into the wild – a city man by unclean powers possessed, in lands the Roman legions occupied. The spirits said that “Legion” was their name. When demon-driven pigs fell in the lake, was that a portent of defeat ofContinue reading “In the Land Opposite Galilee”