God with us

God with us Advent 4; Matthew 1:23 Commercial Christmas has no place for God, yet baby Jesus, Season’s icon, might be found on billboards and the internet. Lip service offered blandly may still serve to claim him space within our consciousness. Co-opted and profaned as pretext, still Christ’s coming stands as challenge to the urgeContinue reading “God with us”

Sharing John’s Grief and Doubt

. Sharing John’s Grief and Doubt Advent 3; Matthew 11:2-11 I grieve when I read of John imprisoned and in doubt. John as Baptist prepared the way for one more powerful than himself, one who would take an axe to the fruitless, thresh the grain and burn the chaff with unquenchable fire. Who is John,Continue reading “Sharing John’s Grief and Doubt”

Answering the Doubt of John the Baptist

Answering the Doubt of John the Baptist Advent 3; Matthew 11:2-11 Imprisoned, John sends Jesus word of doubt. “Are you in truth the one who is to come?” Must he with death in sight be left without both call and vision that are his life’s sum? Says Jesus: “Tell John what you see and hear:Continue reading “Answering the Doubt of John the Baptist”

Who Can Hear

Who Can Hear Advent 2; Matthew 3:1-12 Hear John the Baptist’s words shout from the page: abuse of privilege stirs sacred rage. Our wilderness of concrete is as bare as desert dunes in desiccated air. Brave voices still cry out: “Prepare the way!” I see no crowds admitting that they stray and plunging deep inContinue reading “Who Can Hear”

That Unexpected Hour

That Unexpected Hour Advent 1; Matthew 24:36-44 Eating, drinking, knowing nothing, they were swept away by flood. Noah’s ark they must have laughed at; he saw futures beyond mud. There are warnings! Are we listening? Do we hear what prophets say? “Keep awake!” is still the challenge, lest time’s thief takes all away. Who’ll beContinue reading “That Unexpected Hour”

The King Whose Crown is Thorns

The King Whose Crown is Thorns Christ the King; Luke 23:33-43 “If you are a king, then save yourself!” Self-centredness spits out its cruel taunts. Demeaning victims flaunts the soldiers’ power and helps disguise the wrong they dare not see. Yet Jesus prayed for them, “Forgive them, Lord! They do not know what deed itContinue reading “The King Whose Crown is Thorns”

Song for New Creating (lyrics)

Song for New Creating (lyrics) Pentecost 23: Isaiah 65:17-25 “I am about to create new heavens and new earth: be glad and rejoice in that creating. The holy city is joy, its people a delight. Rejoice! You can share in this remaking. Let no distress nor the sound of weeping there be heard, for peopleContinue reading “Song for New Creating (lyrics)”

What’s a Soul and Who’s a Saint?

“It is impossible to define what soul is. Definition is an intellectual enterprise anyway; the soul prefers to imagine.” Thomas More, Care of the Soul: A Guide to Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life. (HarperPerennial: New York, 1992) xi for All Saints/All Souls Day I don’t think soul answers to “What?” Sometimes I imagineContinue reading “What’s a Soul and Who’s a Saint?”

Comparing Zacchaeus and Me

Comparing Zacchaeus and Me Pentecost 21; Luke 19:1-10 I, too, am a small person. I have done my share of collaboration with the invading powers, but I avoid crowds, can’t climb trees, don’t as a rule pursue any visiting guru. So how did I meet Jesus? Seems he was always there, though often I wasn’t.Continue reading “Comparing Zacchaeus and Me”

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Let the Little Children Come to Me Pentecost 20; Luke 18:15-30 The child in me is eager for your touch. When I am digging earth, admiring flowers, composing poems, lifting lips to showers, or cuddling cats, it’s you as well I clutch. The stern disciples order me away: those inner voices urging me to workContinue reading “Let the Little Children Come to Me”