Pentecost 24, Mark 12:38-44
He named it then, and he’d name it now!
Though they crucify him, he would say, “Beware
of those who show off in the marketplace,
who expect respect and who claim they care,
who display their wealth and yet grasp for more
while the generous poor are left stripped and bare,
and widows are homeless while such as these
manipulate law to increase their share.”

Today they don’t bother with lengthy prayers,
or claiming best seats in a worship space.
Idolatry offered in magazines
replaces the honour of banquet place,
but Jesus still questions the money flow,
opposing the rich who might try to buy grace.
He honours instead the small gifts of the poor
who keep nothing back for the hunger they face.

With Christ-like contempt for the hypocrite,
it’s easy to scorn an anonymous “they”,
but my claim to virtue is scarcely earned,
when money or power never came my way.
Some signs of respect I might covet still,
and money put by for a rainy day.
Like Jesus, the widow gave all that she had:
for such full commitment, I hardly dare pray.

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