Don’t Judge on Appearances

Don’t Judge on Appearances
Pentecost 25, 1 Samuel 1:4-20, Mark 13:1-11
Though lofty in appearance, temples fall.
Our preconceptions dazzle us or blind,
and prejudice makes tyrants of us all
when how we mock or prize distorts our mind.
Poor barren Hannah mouthing silent prayer
was judged as drunk when Eli misconstrued.
She had to strip her desolation bare
before he blessed, instead of being rude.
She chose to hear God’s promise had been made,
though spoken by a priest with faulty sight.
Prophetic Jesus saw great stones, well laid,
would still be scattered by an empire’s might.
He warned false Christs can lead belief astray,
yet Spirit in our trials gives words to say.
	Barbara Messner 10/11/2021

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