Christ the King

Christ the King
Christ the King, John 18: 33-37, Luke 23: 32-43
This Jesus is king like no other:
he reigns without hoopla of power:
no practised parading of armies,
no throne room and no prison tower.
It’s risky to vie for his favours:
the cross is a hard way to rise,
and thorns crown the brow of his highness,
this leader who won’t compromise.

He’s taken the part of the victims,
and offered himself in their place,
refusing to answer accusers,
forgiving their crime to their face.
The ones who feel threatened abuse him:
his silence is eloquent still,
and speaks of a wideness of mercy,
and love that no evil can kill.

Of those who must suffer beside him,
there’s one who would choose to deride,
but one who asks humbly, “Remember,”
will find there is grace at Christ’s side
to carry him into God’s kingdom.
The death he must live through on earth
has shown him the kinship of Jesus
and opened a realm of new birth.
Barbara Messner November 2016

2 thoughts on “Christ the King

  1. Thank you for so beautifully holding these most precious thoughts. In the United States we so often lose this Sunday altogether because of the celebration of Thanksgiving which has lectionary choices. It is humbling and reminding to find this here.


  2. Thanks Maren. I’m having a week off, so this is an older poem, but I had to put something up for this day, as I’ve been part of 2 congregations where Christ the King was the patronal festival. Our parish is doing Kirkin’ the Tartan this Sunday (a strong Scottish connection in one congregation) – I didn’t attempt a poem for that on my week off!


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