At the Gates or Beyond the Chasm

At the Gates or Beyond the Chasm
Pentecost 16; Luke 16:19-31
Are we the rich ones at whose gates the poor
now starve for lack of food we well could spare,
while here our wasting comes from wanting more,
unbridled growth that robs the land and air?
Then will our laden tables soon be turned,
and wasteful plenty fall in the abyss?
Will we then thirst for hope from those we spurned,
and feel the fire consume our barren bliss?
Is it too late to learn new ways to care,
and fill the chasm threatening the Earth?
First Nations’ elders and bold prophets dare
to stir us to bring country to new birth.
It’s time to hear, before our time has fled,
the words of someone risen from the dead.
	Barbara Messner 21/09/2022

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