Growing Faith

Growing Faith
Pentecost 17; Luke 17:1-10
“Increase our faith,” they asked, as though he could
hand them more faith like cake upon a plate.
Their seed of faith was little understood
if they believed great faith would make them great.
They wanted power beyond what’s meant to be;
he mocked their wish to use their faith for gain
with showy tricks, tree planted in the sea,
when greater faith means service, hard and plain.
We work for love and not for a reward,
and kingdom wisdom stirs insights we own.
No riches earned, no brownie points are scored;
we stretch our faith in action, know we’ve grown.
The living Christ works with us, shares the pain;
that partnership restores our joy again.
	Barbara Messner 28/09/2022

4 thoughts on “Growing Faith

  1. Wonderful, Barb! I love the imagery of ‘faith like cake upon a plate’. Your work made me ponder about how I would firstly define faith, and secondly, how I express my faith. It is so easy to gloss over faith.


    1. Yes, I sort of know that my faith has grown, as I’ve worked and reflected and wrestled with it, but as for what it is? I know it’s not a head based acceptance of certain beliefs. A woman rabbi said that Jewish religion is not a faith, (by which I think she meant a set of beliefs) but a way of life. Maybe ours is too.


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