Thanks and Praise

Thanks and Praise
Pentecost 18; Luke 17:11-19
Between Samaria and Galilee –
conflicted space –
he made that journey to Jerusalem.
He set his face
to meet the fate the leaders planned for him,
death and disgrace.

Ten lepers cried, “Have mercy on us, Lord!”
(not coming near.)
He told them they could go and show the priests
their skin was clear.
They went rejoicing, finding they were healed:
no-one need fear.

Just one returned – despised Samaritan –
praised God and knelt.
“Of those made clean, where are the other nine?”
This stranger felt
true gratitude and honest praise of God –
distinctions melt.

Of ten made well today, would one be moved
to kneel and praise
the Christ whose death can heal our ailing world
and darkened days?
Let gratitude and awe turn back our feet, 
and mend our ways.
	Barbara Messner 3/10/2022

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