Thomas and Jesus

Thomas and Jesus
Easter 2; John 20:19-31
“Then let us go that we may die with him.”
Brave words of love were these that Thomas spoke.
Could such commitment suddenly grow dim,
or hope destroyed make love a bitter joke?
Why was he absent when Christ first appeared?
Had grief and anger kept him from that sight,
or had the cross become the fate he feared,
and robbed of self-esteem, he turned to flight?
He longed for faith restored, but feared they lied:
their talk of resurrection seemed absurd.
He had to touch Christ’s wounded hands and side,
not stake his life on someone else’s word.
But then Christ came to let him touch and see;
his pain reached out to wounds that set him free.
	Barbara Messner April 2020
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2 thoughts on “Thomas and Jesus

  1. This is wonderful and helps me think about sunday’s sermon which I am trying to focus on Thomas being the bravest of the disciples and the doubt being doubt of himself that he is worthy of being included. This turns my thoughts sideways. thank you.


  2. I’ve always felt the designation Thomas the Doubter was a caricature. I was ordained Deacon at a service honouring St. Thomas, and it seemed appropriate to me: I identified with the lone voice of the outsider, speaking out with the courage or the authenticity to be different. I was too much of an accommodater to live up to his example, but I aspired to do so. Probably managed it more in poetry than in action!


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