The Road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus 
(sing to tune Christe Sanctorum, Christ is the world’s light TiS246)
Easter 3; Luke 24:13-35
We know that weary way, burdened, walking, talking,
thinking returning might relieve our grieving.
Though Jesus does come near, eyes are kept from seeing
Christ risen, God with us.

When someone walks with us, asks to hear our story,
listens in silence while our feelings flow free,
shows us we’re truly heard, then we see what might be:
God hears us, God is love.

Then Scripture comes alive, works as revelation.
What once was distant, less than information,
then glows and resonates, brings us transformation.
Hearts burn within us then.

When Jesus enters in, bread is blessed and broken.
We see and know him: eyes are fully open.
Then, though he vanishes, dreams and hopes awaken.
We are Christ’s body now.
	Barbara Messner 18/04/2023

2 thoughts on “The Road to Emmaus

  1. Thanks. I picked that hymn for a service I was asked to take today, although some of the exclusivity and maleness of its words make me a bit uncomfortable. However, the tune elicited the lyrics I wrote, so it seemed I was meant to sit with that tune. I’m glad you found it and that it works to sing and walk to.


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