The Road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus (sing to tune Christe Sanctorum, Christ is the world’s light TiS246) Easter 3; Luke 24:13-35 We know that weary way, burdened, walking, talking, thinking returning might relieve our grieving. Though Jesus does come near, eyes are kept from seeing Christ risen, God with us. When someone walks with us, asks toContinue reading “The Road to Emmaus”

Feeding Those Who May Not Gather

Feeding Those Who May Not Gather Pentecost 9, John 6:1-21 Confined to quarters by a covid scare no crowd can gather to be taught or fed – not that they would, for pews are partly bare on any Sunday, and though Jesus bled for all, not many hear that read. And yet a hunger lurksContinue reading “Feeding Those Who May Not Gather”