Destined to be lost – and found?

Destined to be lost – and found? John 17:12, Acts 1:15-17,21-26, Matthew 27:3-10, Easter 7 If one or some are destined to be lost in order that your word might be fulfilled, are they not also yours, O Lord? What cost to Judas when his desperate hope was tossed upon the temple floor with silverContinue reading “Destined to be lost – and found?”

Jesus Appears to his Disciples

Jesus Appears to his Disciples Luke 36b-48, Easter 3 They felt a surge of joy to see him there,but they were disbelieving, wondering still.What contradictory creatures humans are!We dare not enter fully into joyfor fear of the relapse, the dismal clunkthat brings us back to earth and dust to dust.We’d rather shrink to temper joyContinue reading “Jesus Appears to his Disciples”

2 Sonnets for Easter 2

The Need for Personal Experience John 20:19-31, Easter 2 “I won’t believe unless I see and touch,” says Thomas and the sceptics of today. No insight counts as real, no vision stirs: without the proof of facts, they turn away. Like Thomas, are they blinded by despair, and choose to grieve apart while others meet?Continue reading “2 Sonnets for Easter 2”