Prayer in a Dark Garden

Prayer in a Dark Garden – Mark 14:32-42, Holy Week There comes a desperate time for those of us who pray when, thrown upon the ground, we share his gut-wrenched cry: “Abba, Father, for you all things are possible: remove this cup from me!” Perhaps it’s not our death or fear of coming pain (notContinue reading “Prayer in a Dark Garden”

The Woman Anointing Jesus’ Head

While I was studying toward ordination about 15 years ago, I wrote this poem, based on Mark 14:3-9. I was very moved by Mark’s account of the woman who anointed Jesus’ head, and Jesus’ support of her despite criticism. I came from an Anglican Diocese which still does not ordain women priests, so was seekingContinue reading “The Woman Anointing Jesus’ Head”

The Child’s gift to Jesus

The Child’s Gift to Jesus (Palm Sunday, Mark 11:1-11) “Look at the man on the donkey, Mum! Why does he seem so sad? People are shouting and waving palms, trying to make him glad.” “Darkness looms over the way ahead though he’s the king foretold, humble upon a donkey’s back: crowds dream of power andContinue reading “The Child’s gift to Jesus”

Jesus Lifted Up Draws Us to Himself

Jesus Lifted Up Draws Us to Himself Lent 5, John 12:20-33 The crowd had thought his glory would be power. He chose to ride a donkey as foretold, but though they shouted: “Blessings on the King!” he knew their expectations soon would sour. But when some Greeks were drawn to seek him out, he sawContinue reading “Jesus Lifted Up Draws Us to Himself”

On Hearing the Word of the Lord

God seemed more vocal in my younger days – more tangible, embodied and defined. A sense of presence came in clearer ways – it seemed that words were given, underlined. The vision in my mind I knew as gift, the words so wryly apt I felt God formed, or gave the book that readied meContinue reading “On Hearing the Word of the Lord”

Not to Condemn the World

Lent 4; Numbers 21:4-9; John 3: 14-21 Does God send snakes to kill complaints, or do creation’s laws enact symbolic harm on corporate spite? To foul our nest will make us ill, polluted air will steal our breath, and poison tongue lets venom bite. Yet with that fate comes remedy, for one man prays andContinue reading “Not to Condemn the World”