Saul on the Road to Damascus

Saul on the Road to Damascus Easter 3; Acts 9:1-20 There vision failed him and his old self died. “Why do you persecute me, Saul?” Christ said. His zeal, thrown in the dust, will rise again, devoted to the work of Christ instead. Simply awesome, isn’t it: when one so sure of being right seesContinue reading “Saul on the Road to Damascus”

Christmas Here and Now

No new poems this week – I’ve taken a couple of weeks off, coping with the delights and stresses of fostering the greyhound we hope to adopt, Misty. So I’m posting some Christmas poems from the past, this one from last year. Christmas Here and Now Precarious – our lives in covid’s wake: decisions joltContinue reading “Christmas Here and Now”

Blessed among Women

Blessed Among Women Advent 4: Luke 1:39-45 Then Elizabeth, filled with the Spirit, said that you would be blessed among women, but we struggle to see you here, Mary, though we long to take part in that blessing, in the God-bearer’s loving and knowing. Come and teach us your gift of commitment: “Let it beContinue reading “Blessed among Women”