Season of Despair or Hope

Season of Despair or Hope Advent 1, Luke 21:25-38 Yes, now there’s distress among nations on earth, and signs in creation that few eyes dare see. There’s fear and foreboding, and pain before birth, but hidden growth waits in each season-bared tree. Apocalypse now or the kingdom come near? The promise of summer or portentContinue reading “Season of Despair or Hope”

Destined to be lost – and found?

Destined to be lost – and found? John 17:12, Acts 1:15-17,21-26, Matthew 27:3-10, Easter 7 If one or some are destined to be lost in order that your word might be fulfilled, are they not also yours, O Lord? What cost to Judas when his desperate hope was tossed upon the temple floor with silverContinue reading “Destined to be lost – and found?”